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66transfer Lifetime Deal, | Self-hosted File Transfer Software by AltumCode

Get the 66transfer Lifetime Deal - a self-hosted file transfer software by AltumCode. Easy-to-use, lightweight, and privacy-focused PHP script solution.

Are you looking for a comprehensive admin panel tool to manage your website effectively? Look no further than 66transfer. This tool comes fully loaded with features to control and monitor everything happening on your website. Here are the major highlights of 66transfer:

  • Ready-to-use Dashboard for a quick overview
  • Users management system with API support
  • Control over user-generated content like files, transfers, and projects
  • Pages and pages categories management
  • Discount and redeemable codes system
  • Taxes, billing, and invoicing capabilities
  • Payments management and statistics page
  • Built-in statistics for website growth analysis
  • Website settings for customization

In addition to these features, 66transfer also offers some extra functionalities such as dark mode, social logins, automatically generated sitemap, two-factor authentication, customizable plans, multilingual support, SEO-friendly design, exportable data, API integration, cookie consent banner, and a blogging system.

For a limited time, you can get the 66transfer Lifetime Regular License for $79, which includes open-source code, free future updates, 6 months of free support, unlimited users, unlimited files and transfers, and self-hosting capabilities. If you opt for the Lifetime Extended License for $499, you will also get 11 integrated payment gateways, one-time, recurring, and lifetime payments system, discounts and redeemable codes system, taxes and billing system, invoicing system, and unlimited customers. Don't miss out on this amazing deal to supercharge your website management with 66transfer.