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66Uptime Lifetime Deal, | Self-hosted Uptime & Cronjob Monitoring software by AltumCode

Monitor your website's uptime & cronjobs effortlessly with 66Uptime. Enjoy lifetime access for only $69. Lightweight, self-hosted, and reliable.

11Uptime is an online tool that comes with a fully featured Admin Panel, providing users with a comprehensive platform to manage and monitor their websites. The Admin Panel offers a Dashboard for an overview, Users management system, control over user-generated content, Pages & pages categories management, Discount & Redeemable codes system, Taxes, billing & invoicing, Payments management, Statistics page, built-in Statistics, and Website Settings.

Major Highlights:

  • Ready to use Dashboard for website overview
  • Users management system for easy user control
  • Pages & pages categories management for custom pages
  • Discount & Redeemable codes system for promotions
  • Taxes, billing & invoicing for financial management
  • Payments management for tracking payments
  • Statistics page for growth overview
  • Built-in Statistics for website analysis
  • Website Settings for main website configurations

More features:

  • Dark mode for aesthetic appeal
  • Social logins for easy access
  • Automatic generated sitemap for SEO
  • Two Factor Authentication for security
  • Customizable & unlimited plans for flexibility
  • Multilingual ready with RTL support for global reach
  • API ready for additional functionality
  • SEO Friendly design for better search engine visibility
  • Cookie consent for legal compliance
  • Blogging system for content management

Use Cases:

  • Website monitoring and management
  • User content control and promotion
  • Financial tracking and invoicing
  • Statistical analysis for growth insights
  • Customization and flexibility for website plans

Available Offer:

  • Regular Lifetime License for $79 includes open source code, free updates, and 6 months of support.
  • Extended Lifetime License for $499 includes integrated payment gateways, payment systems, discounts, taxes, billing, invoicing, affiliate system, unlimited customers, and custom domains.