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aBigGB Lifetime Deal, 🌐 File Sharing Platform

Simplify your file management and sharing process with aBigGB, the efficient online platform for uploading and exchanging large files. Share with ease in just a few clicks. Experience the benefits now!

Simplify file sharing with aBigGB! Securely upload, share, and manage files with unique features like self-destruct links and password protection.

Major Highlights:

  • File Format and Upload Limit:
    • Accepts all file types (documents, images, videos, audio).
    • Allows uploading a maximum of 1000 files at a time.
  • Upload Large Files:
    • Capability to upload and share large files, with a limit of 1000 files per upload.
    • Users can zip folders for seamless uploading.
  • Message Integration:
    • Includes a message box for context addition.
    • Facilitates communication while sharing multiple files.
  • Upload Files Via Email:
    • Users can send messages and files via email from the platform.
    • Enhances user experience by streamlining communication.
  • Shareable Links:
    • Empowers users to generate unique links for file sharing.
    • Offers a convenient method for exchanging files.
  • Self-Destruct Feature:
    • Ensures shared links and content expire after download.
    • Provides users control over shared information.
  • Password Protection:
    • Enables password protection for uploads.
    • Limits access to authorized individuals.
  • User Account Features:
    • My Uploads, My Backgrounds, Sub-Users, Storage.

Use Cases:

  • Securely share files with colleagues, clients, or friends.
  • Collaborate on projects by sharing and discussing files.
  • Easily send large files without worrying about email attachment limits.
  • Protect sensitive information by using password-protected links.
  • Keep track of uploaded files and manage them efficiently.

Available Offers:

  • 🎁 Get the aBigGB Pro plan lifetime deal for $29 with the following features:
    • Storage 10GB
    • Max Upload Size 2GB
    • Max Upload Files 1000
    • 2 Sub Users
    • File Retention 1 Month
    • No Custom Background
  • 🎁 Get the aBigGB Premium plan lifetime deal for $49 with everything above +
    • Storage 20GB
    • Max Upload Size 5GB
    • Max Upload Files 1000
    • 4 Sub Users
  • 🎁 Get the aBigGB Platinum plan lifetime deal for $99 with everything above +
    • Storage 100GB
    • Max Upload Size 10GB
    • Max Upload Files 1000
    • 10 Sub Users
    • Custom Background
    • File Retention 6 Months