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Adease Lifetime Deal,

Supercharge your Facebook Ads with Adease, the all-in-one AI-Powered marketing tool. Get ahead of the competition with Adease Lifetime Deal.

Adease is a powerful tool that revolutionizes Facebook ads by leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize ad campaigns. With Adease, users can analyze multiple accounts in a single view, unlock hidden Facebook interests, and get detailed insights into conversions, CTRs, CPCs, and conversion rates for all interests. The tool also offers AI-powered automation to streamline daily account management tasks and detect diminishing returns to save money on unnecessary ad spend.

Major Highlights:

  • Dashboard for combined reporting and predicted future conversions
  • Targeting Search Engine to unlock hidden Facebook Interests
  • Predicted Results for all interests
  • AI Recommended Audiences based on ad accounts
  • AI Ad Copy & Marketing Strategies
  • AI-Powered Automation for daily tasks
  • Diminishing Returns Detection to save money

Use Cases:

  • Optimize ad campaigns with AI-powered recommendations
  • Streamline account management tasks with automation
  • Save money by detecting diminishing returns early
  • Improve targeting by unlocking hidden Facebook interests

🎁 Available Offers:

  • Tier-1: $19 for lifetime deal with combined reporting, all automation, unlimited searchable interests, unlimited suggested interests, unlimited access to MarketingGPT, 10 ad accounts, and 250 monthly AI credits.
  • Tier-2: $38 for lifetime license with everything in Tier-1 plus unlimited ad accounts and 500 monthly AI credits.
  • Tier-3: $57 for lifetime license with everything in Tier-2 plus 750 monthly AI credits.
  • Tier-4: $76 for lifetime license with everything in Tier-3 plus 1,000 monthly AI credits.
  • Tier-5: $95 for lifetime license with everything in Tier-4 plus 1,250 monthly AI credits.