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Advanced Database Cleaner Pro Lifetime Deal,

Optimize website speed with Advanced Database Cleaner Pro Lifetime Deal. Clean up your database for improved performance and user experience.

Advanced Database Cleaner Pro is a powerful tool designed to optimize and clean up your WordPress database efficiently. With a range of features and benefits, this tool is a must-have for website owners looking to improve performance and save space in their database.

Major Highlights:

  • Clean up Posts Table: Delete old revisions, auto drafts, and trash posts to reduce the size of your ""posts"" table
  • Clean up Comments Table: Remove pending comments, spam comments, trash comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks to declutter your ""comments"" table
  • Clean up Orphaned Metadata: Delete orphan post, comment, user, term metadata, and relationships to streamline your database
  • Clean up Expired Transients: Remove expired transients that should not exist in your database for better performance
  • Display & View Orphaned Items: Get detailed information about orphaned items before cleaning up your database
  • Keep Last x Days’ Data: Specify the number of days to keep data before cleaning up older entries
  • View & Manage Tables: Optimize, repair, empty, and delete tables as needed for database maintenance
  • View & Manage Options: Display and delete options, set autoload, and manage options efficiently
  • View & Manage Cron jobs: Monitor and clean active cron tasks for better scheduling and performance
  • Scheduling: Automate the cleanup process based on your settings for convenience and efficiency

Use Cases:

  • Optimize database for faster backups and improved performance
  • Reduce database size by deleting unused items
  • Keep database clean and organized for better site functionality
  • Automate cleanup tasks for hassle-free maintenance
  • Improve website speed and efficiency by removing unnecessary data

Deal Pricing:

  • Lifetime License for unlimited sites: $149 (one-time payment) with technical support
  • Lifetime License for 2 sites: $39
  • Lifetime License for 5 sites: $59

Take advantage of this lifetime deal to unlock all pro features, lifetime updates, and support for optimal database management.