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AiHello AutoPilot Lifetime Deal,

Automate Amazon ads with AiHello AutoPilot for increased revenue, reduced work, and lower costs - a game-changer for Amazon sellers.

AutoPilot is an innovative tool that automates Amazon PPC campaigns to optimize ad costs and increase revenue. By monitoring campaigns, keywords, and placements, AutoPilot continuously adjusts bids to maintain target costs and ensure maximum profitability.

Major Highlights:

  • AutoPilot offers a premium version for automation of Amazon seller ads
  • Easily manage your own Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Reduce ad spend on Amazon while generating more sales and revenue
  • Auto keyword harvesting to automatically add profitable keywords
  • Powerful software to manage, automate, and monitor Amazon campaigns 24/7
  • Automate Amazon PPC campaigns with a single click
  • Access all Amazon Marketplaces including US, EU, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia
  • Receive daily ad performance email reports and weekly e-commerce performance reports
  • Real-time dashboard for monitoring ad performance
  • Unlimited ad performance historical data and client accounts for ad agencies

Use Cases:

  • Boost bids during peak hours and suppress bids during off-peak hours
  • Optimize campaigns with granular control before implementing on major campaigns
  • Save money by tweaking parameters like ACOS/ROAS and max autobid
  • Ensure revenues are growing and ad costs are kept low with superhuman algorithms

🎁 Get the AiHello AutoPilot lifetime deal for $69, including $5000 worth of managed Amazon ad spend credits, premium AutoPilot features, and a range of tools to enhance your Amazon PPC campaigns.