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AirRadar Wi-Fi Finder Lifetime Deal,

Easily locate open Wi-Fi networks with AirRadar Lifetime Deal. Scan and map open networks using advanced GPS technology. Get connected effortlessly.

Wi-Fi Explorer is a powerful tool that provides comprehensive information about Wi-Fi networks. With features like full Wi-Fi support, GPS integration, and auto-join capabilities, this tool offers a user-friendly experience for analyzing and optimizing Wi-Fi connections.

Major Highlights:

  • Full Wi-Fi support for modern specifications
  • GPS integration for identifying network locations
  • Auto-join feature for seamless connectivity
  • Graphing network signal and noise over time
  • Favorites option for easy network identification
  • Statistics for identifying congested channels
  • History feature to save and load network scan histories
  • Labeling networks with colors for better organization
  • Audio alerts and notifications for found networks
  • Keychain support for saving network passwords
  • Advanced filtering options for scan results
  • Enterprise support for compatibility with WPA networks
  • Vendor information display for Wi-Fi routers
  • Detailed information on Beacon Intervals and Channel Widths
  • Multiple card support for scanning and joining Wi-Fi networks

Use Cases:

  • Analyzing Wi-Fi signal strength and noise levels
  • Identifying and connecting to the best Wi-Fi networks
  • Monitoring network congestion and channel usage
  • Managing and organizing favorite networks
  • Troubleshooting Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Securing and auto-filling network passwords
  • Filtering and sorting scan results for specific criteria
  • Optimizing Wi-Fi performance for multiple users

Available Offer: Solo License for 1 user across multiple computers or 1 computer for multiple users at $19.99 per year. No discount or coupon code available. Deal includes always latest software version, free minor and major upgrades, and support for up to 5 devices per year. System requirements include macOS 10.14 or later.