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Alarm Clock Pro Lifetime Deal,

Get Alarm Clock Pro Lifetime Deal - Wake up to tunes, schedule reminders, automate tasks & more with this versatile tool.

This online tool is a versatile software that offers a wide range of features to enhance your digital experience. With a Solo License valid for 1 user across multiple computers or 1 computer for multiple users, you can access this tool on macOS 10.14 or later and Windows 7 or later.

Major Highlights:

  • iTunes interaction: Select and play songs or playlists from any iTunes media source
  • Internet radio, movies, & more: Stream URLs, play movies, or open photos
  • Send emails: Customize and send email messages
  • Send text messages: Customize and send text messages
  • Take screenshots: Archive or email the current screen state
  • Take webcam photo: Archive or email a snap from the webcam
  • Announce text: Speak a single line or random chunk of text
  • Wake Mac from sleep: Schedule alarms to wake the Mac from sleep (not available for Windows)
  • Onscreen notifications: Display visual alerts onscreen
  • Audio fader: Fade in and out of movies and music

Use Cases:

  • Stream music or videos from various sources
  • Send personalized emails and text messages
  • Capture and share screenshots or webcam photos
  • Set up alarms and countdown timers for events or projects
  • Execute routine command shell operations
  • Access world clocks and calculate time zone differences

Available offer: Solo License for $29.99 with all minor and major upgrades included for free. Discount code: SOLO29.