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Answered.So Lifetime Deal 🚀 AI-Powered Customer Service Revolution

AI-Powered Customer Service Revolution: offers a lifetime deal to automate customer support, allowing 24/7 issue resolution for customers.

Revolutionizing Customer Support with AI-Powered Solutions

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, customer support plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the advent of AI-powered solutions, businesses can now streamline their customer service processes and provide efficient and effective support to their customers. One such tool that is making waves in the customer support industry is

Major Highlights:

  • AI-Powered Chatbot: Instant human-like answers trained on your documents.
  • HelpHub Integration: Centralize customer service resources for easy access.
  • Lightning-Fast Search: Quick-access search bar for efficient retrieval of knowledge base articles.
  • Live Chat Integration: Seamless switch to human assistance when needed.


  • Efficient Customer Support: Empower your team with AI technology for quicker issue resolution.
  • Centralized Resources: Keep all customer service materials organized and easily accessible.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Lightning-fast search capabilities improve user satisfaction.
  • Live Support Integration: Offer real-time human assistance alongside automated responses.

Use Cases:

  • E-commerce: Provide instant answers to customer queries and streamline support processes.
  • SaaS Companies: Centralize resources and enhance user experience with quick access to knowledge base articles.

Deal Pricing:

  • Plan 1: $69 for GPT-powered chatbots, HelpHub widgets, and more.
  • Plan 2: $138 for additional workspaces, messages, and training characters.
  • Plan 3: $207 for advanced user details, unlimited workspaces, and increased message limits.