Appoint by Closely Lifetime Deal

Appoint is a booking software that allows you to create booking pages for different event types - one-on-one meetings, events with multiple attendees (like webinars) and multiple hosts (onboarding meetings, job interviews) or round-robin events (distributed randomly and evenly between multiple hosts).

🎁 Get the Appoint by Closely lifetime deal for $29 with the following features:

  • Unlimited users

  • 2 main calendars (for bookings)

  • 20 additional calendars (for checking conflicts)

  • Personal and group bookings

  • Customizable reminders and follow-up emails

  • Team management

  • Website embedding

  • Stack up unlimited codes

  • Each additional code adds an additional 5 seats

Deal Price:
1900-01-28 0:00:00