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BeHuman.Online Lifetime Deal,

Experience high engagement at a low cost with BeHuman.Online's virtual conference platform. Join expos and meetups effortlessly.

BeHuman.Online is a versatile virtual event platform that offers a range of features to create engaging and interactive virtual events. The platform allows users to host live streams from various sources, set up virtual lounges for networking, and utilize low-cost video conferencing through Amazon Web Services. Customizable exhibitor pages and content delivery pages enhance the overall attendee experience, while the option to co-host events with team members streamlines event management.

Major Highlights:

  • Venue for Live Streams from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, or custom sources
  • Virtual Lounge for networking in a professional setting
  • Low-Cost Video Conferencing through Amazon Web Services
  • Customizable Exhibitor Pages for sponsors and partners
  • Use Pages for delivering content
  • Co-Host With Your Team for event management

Use Cases:

  • Alumni association meetups
  • Industry mixers
  • Course content delivery
  • Corporate knowledge base

🎁 Get the BeHuman.Online lifetime deal for $49 with features such as unlimited events, unlimited duration events, unlimited live streams, 500 registrations per event, unlimited expo pages, real-time event control dashboard, custom event themes, polls and voting, and more. Use the included Amazon Web Services integration for video calls between attendees and import registration codes from third-party platforms for seamless event management.