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Blurweb App Lifetime Deal,

Blurweb App - Securely Hide Sensitive Information on Your Webpage. Protect text, images, and more. Keep your data private with Blurweb. Boost your website's security now!

Blurweb is a powerful online tool that allows users to easily blur elements on any website. With just a few simple steps, you can install the Blurweb extension, enter your license key, and start using the tool to blur images, paragraphs, or input fields. Additionally, Blurweb offers the unique feature of blurring your face while recording videos or live screen sharing.

Major Highlights:

  • Install Blurweb from the Chrome Web Store, a quick and free process.
  • Enter your license key after installation for easy access to the tool.
  • Blur any element on any website with just a few clicks.
  • Use Blurweb to blur your face during video recordings or live screen sharing.

Use Cases:

  • Protect personal information by blurring input fields on web forms.
  • Anonymize images or paragraphs before sharing them online.
  • Maintain privacy during video conferences or screen sharing sessions.

🎁 Available Offers:

  • Blurweb App lifetime deal for $17:

    • Includes access for 3 devices/browsers.
    • Allows single-click blurring of images, paragraphs, or input fields.
    • Blur remains even if the page is reloaded.
    • Comes with Chrome extension and Firefox add-on.
  • Lifetime license Tier-2 for $34:

    • Includes everything from the previous deal.
    • Provides access for 6 devices/browsers.
    • Offers support for Google Meet and Zoom.
  • Lifetime license Tier-3 for $51:

    • Includes everything from the previous deals.
    • Provides access for 9 devices/browsers.

With its user-friendly interface and versatile features, Blurweb is a valuable tool for anyone looking to protect their privacy or blur elements on websites. Don't miss out on the limited-time offers available for lifetime licenses. Take advantage of the deal pricing and included features to enhance your online browsing experience with Blurweb.