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AI Deals Lifetime Deal, 💪 NextJs SaaS + AI Boilerplates

Boost development speed and efficiency with BoilerCode's NextJs SaaS + AI Boilerplates. Lifetime deal available now - save big! Integrations include Stripe, LemonSqueezy, Auth, and Emails.

BoilerCode is a game-changing catalog of SaaS boilerplates designed to help you ship your next product super fast. With our meticulously crafted NextJs SaaS and NextJs AI Boilerplates, you can hit the ground running and leave your competitors in the dust.

Major Highlights:

  • Lightning-Fast Development: Our boilerplates come packed with features that'll turbocharge your development speed. Leverage ready-to-use components, elements, and integrations like User Auth (Social Login, Magic Link), Database Integration, Landing Page, Email Integration, Stripe Checkout, LemonSqueezy Checkout (Including Paypal), Tailwind CSS, and more!

  • Reusability at Its Finest: Say goodbye to reinventing the wheel! With BoilerCode's central repository of code, you can reuse your code snippets across multiple projects effortlessly. No more wasting precious time on repetitive tasks - focus on what matters most: building exceptional products.

Use Cases:

  • Build SaaS Applications: With NextJs SaaS boilerplate, you can quickly create a robust software-as-a-service application. Benefit from features like User Auth, Database Integration, Email Integration, and customizable landing pages.

  • AI Integration: Take your application to the next level with NextJs AI boilerplate. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence with features like AI integration, custom blog integration, LangChain integration, Pinecone integration, OpenAI integration, and PDF chat.

Deal Pricing and Included Features:

  • NextJs SaaS - Standard Lifetime Deal: $99

    • NextJs + NextAuth + LemonSqueezy + Tailwind CSS
    • User Auth (Social Login, Magic Link)
    • Database Integration + Email Integration
    • Landing Page + Tailwind CSS
    • LemonSqueezy Checkout (Including Paypal)
    • Customer Support (Crisp)
    • Custom SEO Configurations
  • NextJs SaaS + AI Lifetime Deal: $119

    • NextJs + NextAuth + Stripe + LemonSqueezy + AI + Tailwind CSS
    • User Auth (Social Login, Magic Link)
    • Database Integration + Landing Page
    • Email Integration + Stripe Checkout + Webhook
    • LemonSqueezy Checkout (Including Paypal)
    • LemonSqueezy Webhook + Subscription
    • Tailwind CSS + Customer Support (Crisp)
    • Custom SEO Configurations + Custom Blog Integration
    • LangChain Integration + Pinecone Integration
    • OpenAI Integration + PDF Chat
  • React SaaS - React Boilerplates Lifetime Deal: $99

    • React + Supabase Auth + Stripe + LemonSqueezy + Tailwind CSS + Server Side Support Code Files
    • Supabase Auth (Social Login, Magic Link)
    • Landing Page + Stripe Checkout
    • LemonSqueezy Checkout (Including Paypal)
    • Tailwind CSS
    • Customer Support (Crisp)
    • Custom SEO Configurations
    • Langchain, Pinecone and OpenAI Support
    • Stripe and LemonSqueezy webhook Support
    • Server related code you need to place into your node server
  • ChatGPT Chrome Extension - React Lifetime Deal: $79

    • ChatGPT Integration
    • Custom Character Chat
    • LemonSqueezy Checkout (Including Paypal)
    • Chat UI + Chakra UI

Take advantage of these deals and unlock the power of BoilerCode in your next project.