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Botsheets Lifetime Deal, 📊 Transform Your Google Sheets into a Powerful Chatbot Platform

Turn your Google Sheets into powerful chatbots with Botsheets Lifetime Deal. GPT-powered bots use your data to generate responses and collect information.

Create Chatbots With Google Sheets

Create GPT chatbots that collect and write data, read lists of data to generate responses, and analyze your data to generate insights.

Major Highlights:

  • Generates Answers: Import PDFs, scrape webpages, and manually input data into fields so your chatbot can generate accurate responses to questions.
  • Generates Questions: Just tell AI what data you want and it will decide what questions to ask, when to ask them, and how to best ask them to collect your data.
  • Ready in 5 Minutes: Launch a 2-way discovery session between a customer and a business with no code or learning curve. Start testing your chatbot in minutes.
  • Easy to Customize: Match your brand's look and feel and pick a tone that AI should use to engage your audience that matches the voice of your brand.
  • Easy To Share: Add a chat widget to the corner of any webpage, share a direct link in your social bio, or replace forms with our page embeds.
  • Easy To Monitor: Get an email when someone engages with your chatbot. Access the transcript to see the conversation and identify gaps to improve your AI.
  • Easy To Access: Access the data your chatbot collects in Google Sheets where you're already working. Securely share, invite others to collaborate, or export to any 3rd party system.

Use Cases:

  • Streamline customer support processes
  • Automate lead generation
  • Enhance user engagement on websites
  • Collect valuable data for analysis
  • Improve marketing campaign effectiveness

Available Offers:

  • Botsheets Lifetime Deal for $39: Includes 2 chatbots, 3-day chat logs, 500 message credits per month, 500,000 document character limit, 1,000 max sheet rows, AI chat automation with Google Sheets, theme customization, prompt editor, collect data feature, all current and future languages supported, and content generation from spreadsheets.
  • Botsheets Tier 2 Lifetime Deal for $119: Includes everything in the previous deal plus 5 chatbots, 2,000 message credits per month, 10,000,000 document character limit, 25,000 max sheet rows, GPT 4 access, and 7-day chat logs.
  • Botsheets Tier 3 Lifetime Deal for $299: Includes everything in the previous deals plus unlimited chatbots, 6,000 message credits per month, unlimited document character limit, unlimited sheet rows, 30-day chat logs, remove branding from chat, and bring your own OpenAI Key.