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BugMonitor Lifetime Deal,

Ensure your site runs flawlessly with BugMonitor. Instantly detect and report layout, functional, JavaScript, SEO, network, and PHP errors. Boost your site's performance now.

BugMonitor: Monitor Your Site 24/7

BugMonitor is a powerful plugin that ensures your website runs flawlessly by detecting and reporting various errors. With BugMonitor, you can keep your website seamless and error-free, guaranteeing a smooth user experience. Let's dive into the major highlights of this essential tool:

Major Highlights:

  • Network errors: BugMonitor notifies you of network errors, mixed content, and CSP issues, even for third-party resources like images, scripts, and iframes.
  • SEO problems: Don't overlook small SEO issues that could harm your on-site SEO. BugMonitor helps you identify and address these problems.
  • UX problems: User experience is crucial for a good website. BugMonitor alerts you about errors that could affect the overall UX.
  • UI problems: Test your website across all devices your visitors use. BugMonitor detects any layout or UI errors on different devices.
  • JavaScript errors: JavaScript errors can silently break your website. BugMonitor ensures you're notified of all JS errors that occur.
  • WebVitals: Monitor web vitals issues based on real user experiences, enabling you to effectively address them.
  • Functional errors: Never miss a non-functioning button, form, or any other feature on your site. BugMonitor sends alerts for functional errors.
  • WordPress bugs: Worried about plugin updates? BugMonitor instantly notifies you if a plugin causes an error.

Use Cases:

  • E-commerce websites: BugMonitor keeps your online store running smoothly, with real-time alerts for any errors that may impact sales.
  • Bloggers and content creators: Ensure your readers have a seamless browsing experience by addressing any errors promptly.
  • Business websites: BugMonitor helps you maintain a professional online presence, minimizing downtime and improving user satisfaction.
  • Agency and freelancer websites: Deliver outstanding websites to clients by identifying and fixing any errors before they become issues.

Special Offer:
Take advantage of our special offer and get a flat 10% off by using the code "SPECIAL10". With this discount, you can get the BugMonitor annual deal for $35.10 per year (originally $39.99) for 1 website. This plan includes:

  • Realtime email notifications
  • Recording of user sessions
  • Screenshots of problematic elements
  • Elaborate error information
  • Network errors
  • UX/UI problems
  • Functional issues
  • JavaScript errors
  • WordPress bugs
  • SEO problems
  • WebVital issues

Alternatively, you can opt for the BugMonitor annual deal for $107.10 per year (originally $119.99) for 5 websites, which includes all the features mentioned above. For unlimited websites, you can choose the BugMonitor lifetime deal for $899.10 (originally $999.99), offering the same comprehensive range of features.

Don't let errors bring down your website's performance. Get BugMonitor today and ensure a flawless browsing experience for your visitors.