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BunnyDoc Lifetime Deal,

Streamline your document signing process with BunnyDoc. Efficiently sign documents, create agreements, and negotiate contracts with eSignatures. Boost productivity and save time. Try BunnyDoc lifetime deal now!

BunnyDoc is an online tool that offers a range of powerful features to provide users with more control and a greater overview of their documents. Let's dive into the major highlights of BunnyDoc:

  • Audit Trail: BunnyDoc provides a comprehensive audit log that records all actions, ensuring the validity of documents in legal proceedings.

  • User Management: With BunnyDoc, users can create accounts for their organization members, promoting efficient collaboration on documents.

  • Templates: BunnyDoc allows users to create reusable templates with personalized text, making document preparation quick and easy.

  • Branding: Users can customize their emails and communications by adding their own business logo and message, adding a personal touch.

  • Notifications: BunnyDoc keeps users updated by allowing them to configure additional emails to receive important notifications.

  • Bulk Sending: Users can import a list of signers and send a unique copy of the document to each recipient for e-signature.

  • Ordered Signing: BunnyDoc enables users to customize the recipient order for document signing, providing personalized control over the signing process.

  • In-person Signing: BunnyDoc empowers customers to sign documents conveniently using their computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Progress Tracker: With BunnyDoc's real-time document tracking, users can easily monitor the progress of each recipient and stay informed about the status of their documents.

Use Cases:

  • Legal Professionals: BunnyDoc's audit trail feature provides lawyers and legal professionals with a transparent record of actions, ensuring the validity of documents in legal proceedings.

  • Business Collaboration: User management and templates features foster efficient teamwork among organization members, making collaboration on documents seamless.

  • Branding and Customization: BunnyDoc's branding feature allows businesses to add their logo and message to emails and communications, enhancing their brand identity.

Now, let's take a look at the available deals for BunnyDoc:

  • BunnyDoc Lifetime Deal: For just $69, users can get the BunnyDoc lifetime deal, which includes features like 500 signature requests per month, 1 team member, custom branding, audit trail, reminders & notifications, folders, reusable templates, bulk sending, advanced fields, in-person signatures, and integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive.

  • BunnyDoc Plan 2 Lifetime Deal: For $138, users can upgrade to the BunnyDoc Plan 2 lifetime deal, which includes everything from the BunnyDoc Lifetime Deal, plus 1,000 signature requests per month, 5 team members, and 5 public form links.

  • BunnyDoc Plan 3 Lifetime Deal: For $207, users can take advantage of the BunnyDoc Plan 3 lifetime deal, which includes everything from the BunnyDoc Plan 2 Lifetime Deal, plus 1,500 signature requests per month, 10 team members, and 10 public form links.

These deals provide users with various options to choose from based on their specific needs and requirements. BunnyDoc offers a comprehensive suite of features and pricing plans to cater to different users and organizations.