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Chai Studio Lifetime Deal,

Design and prototype websites with ease using Chai Studio Lifetime Deal. Create stunning websites for a lifetime with this desktop app.

Chai Studio is an online tool that offers a range of features to help users build and customize websites. Some upcoming features to look forward to include more premium predefined blocks, HTML code editing support, import/export websites, backup Chai websites to the Cloud, and ongoing enhancements to the builder editing experience.

Major Highlights:

  • More premium predefined blocks
  • HTML code editing support
  • Import/Export websites
  • Backup Chai websites to Cloud
  • Ongoing enhancements to builder editing experience

Chai Studio offers two distributions - the Standard edition and the Lifetime edition. The Standard edition comes with 1 year of upgrades, while the Lifetime edition provides unlimited upgrades. Upon obtaining a license, users receive a period of free upgrades, including major and minor releases as well as bugfixes. After the Standard edition's free upgrade period expires, users can continue using the software indefinitely, but won't receive further upgrades. Users can purchase a Renewal for the Standard edition license at any time to extend the upgrade period.

Use Cases:

  • Building and customizing websites
  • Importing and exporting websites
  • Backing up websites to the Cloud
  • Enhancing the builder editing experience

🎁 Get the Chai Studio lifetime deal for $10 with features such as drag/drop builder, unlimited styling, pre-built blocks, global styling, reusable blocks, fully offline access, and ownership of the tool forever.