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Chatsilo Lifetime Deal,

Supercharge your lead nurturing with Chatsilo Lifetime Deal. Manage chats, follow up with prospects, and boost sales effortlessly.

Chatsilo is a Mini Facebook Messenger CRM tool that helps you nurture messenger leads, manage chats, follow up with prospects, and increase sales. With the Chatsilo Chrome extension, you can easily send bulk messages to all tagged contacts on Facebook messenger. Here are the major highlights of Chatsilo:

  • Set message limit & Interval: Control the number of messages sent at a time or the time interval between messages.
  • Randomize messages: Make messages look authentic by using custom fields to personalize messages.
  • Send Message When You're Sent or Accept Friend Request: Automatically send predefined messages when someone sends or accepts a friend request.
  • Export Tagged Contacts: Export tagged contacts into Google sheet with a click, including names, profile URLs, and tags.
  • Chatsilo Webapp: Manage tags, messages, templates, and more from a central dashboard.
  • Chatsilo browser reminder system: Use browser reminders and Google Calendar integration to follow up with prospects.

Use Cases:

  • Manage messenger leads effectively
  • Increase sales through personalized messaging
  • Streamline chat management and follow-ups
  • Export contacts for further analysis
  • Stay organized with a central dashboard

🎁 Get the Chatsilo lifetime deal for $499, including unlimited custom tags, tag colors, notes, Facebook Messenger accounts, follow-up reminders, message templates, Google Calendar integration, automatic updates, and access to the Chatsilo web app. Use coupon code CHATSILO500 for an additional $50 off.