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Citizen Remote Lifetime Deal,

Empower remote workers to live abroad with Citizen Remote. Your ultimate resource for navigating the digital nomad lifestyle. Grab the lifetime deal now!

Citizen Remote is a powerful tool that empowers remote workers to live abroad hassle-free. It simplifies the process of relocating to another country by offering professional visa assistance, verified rental properties, insured peace of mind, and a travel-oriented community to connect with on the go.

Major Highlights:

  • Tech built specifically for borderless remote citizens
  • Broad range of resources for relocating to another country
  • Verified and secured rental properties with a vast inventory
  • Adjustable and affordable global health insurance
  • Travel-oriented community to connect with other digital nomads
  • App available for iOS and Android to easily connect with like-minded individuals
  • 5.0/5 rating on App Store
  • Featured in Digital Nomads Daily, Expedia, Sifted, Outsite, Business Insider, and more

Use Cases:

  • Simplify the process of relocating to another country
  • Connect with a travel community while on the go
  • Secure verified rental properties for long-term stays
  • Obtain professional visa assistance for seamless travel
  • Access adjustable and affordable global health insurance

🎁 Get the Citizen Remote lifetime deal for $49.99, which includes features such as social network, visa applications, popular destination exploration, E-sim purchases, journey builder, apartment finder, travel insurance, and updates for desktop, Mac, iOS, or Android.