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ContentFries Annual Deal, ⚡ Content Repurposing Platform

ContentFries Annual Deal: Repurpose Content with Ease! Create videos for social media & ads effortlessly using our platform. Maximize engagement and reach with ContentFries. Get started now!

ContentFries is an online tool that allows users to repurpose their existing content in just three simple steps. With ContentFries, you can maximize the value of your content and create new pieces to reach a wider audience.

Here are the major highlights of ContentFries:

  • Upload: Easily upload your video or audio files from your PC, paste a link, or use the integrated Google Drive or Dropbox integration.
  • Slice and Fry: Multiply your content by generating accurate transcriptions and exporting bite-sized content pieces.
  • Enjoy: Download your content in bulk, convert videos to audios with a single click, and distribute them wherever you want.

With ContentFries, you have access to several features that enhance your content repurposing experience:

  • Add Intro/Outro: Multiply your video content and add an intro and outro, which will be automatically resized to match the aspect ratio of the generated content.
  • Trim the Videos: Use the ContentFries Trimmer to quickly get video content for social media by selecting areas and cutting out unwanted sections.
  • Create Dozens of Videos from One: Strategically repurpose video content by dragging and dropping it onto the audio timeline.
  • Automated Video Resizers: Get multiple variants of the same video with different aspect ratios to suit various platforms.
  • Handy Templates: Choose from a library of global templates or create your own brand-consistent templates for generating video content pieces.

Now, let's move on to the use cases of ContentFries:

  • Repurpose existing video or audio content into shorter clips for social media platforms.
  • Create multiple versions of the same video for different platforms and aspect ratios.
  • Easily add intros and outros to your videos to enhance brand consistency.
  • Generate transcriptions for your content to improve accessibility and SEO.

Available offers for ContentFries include:

  • ContentFries COOK Plan annual deal for $9 per month: includes up to 47 videos per month, 1,000 Content Credits, 30 GB storage, unlimited content multiplication and repurposing, and access to chat support. Additional credits are available with a 15% discount.
  • ContentFries CHEF Plan annual deal for $19 per month: includes up to 95 videos per month, 2,000 Content Credits, 50 GB storage, 2-team seats, and additional credits with a 20% discount.
  • ContentFries MASTERCHEF Plan annual deal for $29 per month: includes 96+ videos per month, 3,000 Content Credits, 70 GB storage, 3-team seats, and additional credits with a 25% discount.
  • ContentFries STAR Plan annual deal for $29 per month: includes 96+ videos per month, 4,000 Content Credits + 1,000 BONUS Content Credits, 100 GB storage, 5-team seats, and additional credits with a 35% discount.

With ContentFries, you can easily repurpose your content, create engaging videos, and make the most out of your existing content library. Don't miss out on the available deals to unlock the full potential of this powerful tool.