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ContentSiteOS Lifetime Deal,

Get all the essential documents and spreadsheets you need for your content site with ContentSiteOS. Increase click-through rates and maximize your site's potential. Unlock the advantages of this powerful tool now.

ContentSiteOS is an online tool that provides you with all the essential documents, spreadsheets, and templates you need right from the start. With this tool, you can easily manage your website's content and streamline your writing process. Let's explore the major highlights and use cases of ContentSiteOS:

Major Highlights:

  • Writer MasterTemplate: Imagine having one document that explains your website goals, writing guidelines, and structure templates without any clutter. This tool provides you with a comprehensive document that you can share with your writers, allowing them to easily understand the requirements for each article.
  • Disposable Writer Template: For important content pieces like pillar posts or skyscraper posts, you may need to provide specific instructions on subtopics, tone, and more. ContentSiteOS offers a disposable writer template that enables you to dictate the exact requirements for each content piece.
  • Publisher Guidelines & Checklist: Ensuring your content meets SEO, formatting, and image requirements is crucial for successful publishing. This tool provides you with publishing guidelines and a checklist to ensure all aspects are taken care of, including creating user-friendly URLs, optimizing images, and incorporating internal links.
  • Content Database: Managing your content becomes effortless with the content database feature. It serves as a central hub for all your content, allowing you to easily filter and access information. From costs and writers to keywords and publication status, you can keep track of every aspect of your content.

Use Cases:

  • Hand off projects to writers: With the Writer MasterTemplate, you can simply provide your writers with a topic and the document, allowing them to follow the provided guidelines and templates.
  • Micromanage content projects: The Disposable Writer Template enables you to provide specific instructions for individual projects, ensuring your content meets your exact requirements.
  • Streamline publishing process: The Publisher Guidelines & Checklist help you or your virtual assistant go through the necessary steps to optimize your content for search engines, formatting, and user experience.
  • Efficient content management: The Content Database allows you to have a comprehensive overview of all your live and planned content, including associated costs, writers, keywords, and more.

🎁 Available Offer:
You can get the ContentSiteOS lifetime deal for just $20, which includes the following features:

  • Writer MasterTemplate™ & Guidelines: A single document that contains all the templates your writers will ever need.
  • Disposable Writer Template: A template that allows you to provide specific instructions for individual writing projects.
  • Publishing Guidelines: A checklist-style set of instructions for publishing each post, covering formatting, SEO, images, and internal linking.
  • Content Database: A dynamic spreadsheet that keeps track of every piece of content, live or planned.

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