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Control D Some Control Plan: 5-Year Subscription

Enhance privacy and productivity with Control D's DNS service. Block unwanted content, spoof location, and browse faster without any app installations. Get 5-year subscription now!

Control D is a versatile online tool that offers a range of features to enhance your browsing experience and online safety. With Control D, you can browse faster, improve productivity, change your external IP address, keep your kids safe online, and bypass geo-blocks. Additionally, you can create unique browsing profiles for different devices, all under one account.

Major Highlights:

  • Browse faster by eliminating unnecessary tracking and ad code
  • Enhance productivity by blocking distractions
  • Change your external IP address with ease
  • Ensure online safety for your kids by blocking inappropriate content
  • Bypass geo-blocks to access restricted websites
  • Create unique browsing profiles for different devices

Use Cases:

  • Enhance productivity by blocking distracting websites during work hours
  • Keep your kids safe online by blocking adult content and inappropriate websites
  • Access geo-restricted content by changing your external IP address
  • Customize browsing profiles for different family members
  • Improve browsing speed by eliminating unnecessary tracking code

🎁 Get the Control D 5-Year deal for $39.99 with features such as unlimited usage, 15 native filters, many popular 3rd party blocklists, 10,000 custom rules, multi-profile support, and support for up to 10 devices.