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Cool Timeline Lifetime Bundle Deal, 📊 Best WordPress Timeline Plugin

Create captivating and concise timelines with Cool Timeline, the best WordPress plugin for showcasing your story, company history, events, and roadmap. Its striking visuals and informative features make it a powerful tool for creating precise and elegant timelines. Get the Cool Timeline Lifetime Bundle Deal now.

Cool Timeline is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create stunning timelines to showcase your story or history. With multiple layouts and designs, including vertical, horizontal, or compact timeline, you have the flexibility to create timelines in any format that suits your needs. Choose from a variety of design options such as flat, classic, elegant, clean, modern, or minimal timeline to match your website's style.

One of the standout features of Cool Timeline is the ability to create step-by-step processes using custom text instead of date/year. This means you can use labels or text to represent a sequence of events or milestones in your timeline, making it ideal for tutorials, product roadmaps, or company histories.

With Cool Timeline, you can also create multiple timelines and use category filters. This allows you to add different timelines on different pages by selecting their category inside the shortcode. You can even use category filters to show multiple vertical timelines on a page and display them after a category click.

Adding media and customizing the appearance of your stories is made easy with Cool Timeline. You can add images, videos, or slideshows to any single story and highlight it inside your timeline by selecting a custom color. This feature helps to make your timeline visually engaging and captivating for your audience.

To ensure smooth navigation through your timelines, Cool Timeline offers quick scrolling year navigation and ajax load more for big timelines. Quick scrolling year navigation allows users to navigate large timelines quickly by activating the year navigator. Additionally, you can use ajax load-more buttons or pagination to load more stories within your timeline.

Cool Timeline provides two convenient options for adding timelines to your website. You can use the shortcode generator for classic editor lovers or utilize the Gutenberg timeline block to add timelines to Gutenberg pages effortlessly.

In terms of deals and pricing, Cool Timeline offers a lifetime bundle deal for $112 with the following features:

  • Cool Timeline Pro
  • Timeline Widget Pro
  • Timeline Builder Pro
  • Plugin Updates For Lifetime
  • Premium Support For Lifetime

Alternatively, you can get individual lifetime deals for each plugin with up to 25% OFF using the code "OFFER-TML." The Cool Timeline Pro lifetime deal is available for $59, the Timeline Widget Pro lifetime deal is available for $59, and the Timeline Builder Pro lifetime deal is available for $49. Each deal comes with plugin updates for a lifetime and premium support for a lifetime, and you can choose between single website, 5 websites, or 25 websites options.

Cool Timeline is the perfect tool for showcasing your story or history in a visually appealing and interactive way. With its range of features and flexible customization options, it is a valuable addition to any website. Don't miss out on the special offers available - use the coupon codes mentioned above to get great discounts on the lifetime deals.