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Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce Lifetime Deal, | Get $300 OFF

Get $300 OFF Coupon Affiliates: Track referrals, commissions, payouts & more with this powerful WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin. Lifetime Deal for Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce.

The #1 coupon-based affiliate plugin for WooCommerce

Empower your affiliates with a streamlined dashboard for tracking stats, payouts & referrals.

Major Highlights:

  • Affiliate Dashboard: Give your affiliates access to their own user-friendly affiliate dashboard for their coupons. The dashboard offers a variety of useful features for your affiliates, including detailed usage statistics, accurate commission calculations, latest referral orders, monthly statistics summary, payouts management, referral URL generator, click history, campaigns, creatives, and more!

  • Commission Payouts: Your affiliate users can easily track and submit payout requests on their affiliate dashboard. You will then receive an email notification, linking you directly to the admin page, where you can one-click pay, manage, and keep track of all your payouts in one place. You can also set payment thresholds, and a number of days before commission is earned (after order completion).

  • Referral URLs & Click Tracking: Affiliates can generate a referral URL in their affiliate dashboard. They can then share this with potential customers. If someone clicks on their link, the coupon code will be automatically applied, and the referral click will be tracked on their dashboard. They can even setup direct link tracking, create referral campaigns, short URLs, QR codes, and share their links on social media in one click.

  • Affiliate Registration: Easily display an affiliate registration form on a page, via a shortcode, which users can fill out to join your affiliate program. When the form is submitted, you will be notified, and can easily manage affiliate applications in the backend. Simply click accept or decline, and everything will be set up for them automatically, with details sent to their email. You can even set it to accept registrations automatically if preferred for a fully automated registration process.

  • Reports & Analytics: Generate admin reports and view analytics data for all your affiliate coupons in one place. You can select a certain date range, compare date ranges, and show affiliates based on certain criteria. You can also send detailed email reports to affiliates on a scheduled basis, customize email notifications, and more!

  • Multi-Level Affiliates: Are you looking to create a multi-level affiliate program? We’ve got you covered! With the Multi-Level Affiliates module, your existing affiliates can invite new users to register as an affiliate on your website. As the parent affiliate, they will then earn a percentage of extra commission for all sales that their sub-affiliates refer to you.

  • Admin Management: The Coupon Affiliates plugin is super easy to setup and manage, with plenty of customization options available to make everything work exactly how you need it. Easily manage all your payouts, registrations, affiliates, coupon codes, and more, all in your WordPress admin. PRO modules can be enabled in one click, edit the settings, and you’re good to go! No need to install extra plugins.

Use Cases:

  • E-commerce websites that want to implement an affiliate program to increase sales.
  • Businesses that want to track and manage affiliate referrals and payouts.
  • Affiliate marketers who want to generate referral links and track their clicks and commissions.
  • Websites that want to display an affiliate registration form for users to join their program.
  • Businesses that want to generate reports and analyze the performance of their affiliate coupons.
  • Companies that want to create a multi-level affiliate program to incentivize their affiliates.

Available Offer:

For $997 (regular price: $1297), you can get the Single Site Enterprise Business Lifetime Plan, which includes full setup, a success manager, up to 10x small tasks, VIP support for 1 year, lifetime license with PRO features and updates, and consultancy. Use the discount code "enterpriselaunch" to get a $300 discount.

Alternatively, you can choose the Annual Plan and get the Single Site plan for $156 per year or the 10 sites plan for $300 per year.