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CourseNave Lifetime Deal,

Create courses effortlessly with CourseNave's lifetime deal. Build your course website easily and stress-free with this powerful tool.

CourseNave is an online tool that offers a comprehensive platform for creating and managing online courses. With features like Custom Domain, Instructors Management, Course Certificate, and 10 Online Payment Gateways, CourseNave makes it easy to build and sell courses online. The tool also provides advanced features like Course Compliance, Coupon Generator, and Advertisement Placement to enhance the learning experience for both instructors and students.

Major Highlights:

  • Custom Domain
  • Drag & Drop Lesson Content Builder
  • Course Compliance
  • Coupon Generator
  • Multilingual RTL Support
  • Blogs Content Management System
  • 10 Online Payment Gateways
  • Advanced QR Builder
  • Course Website Customization
  • Amazon AWS S3 Integration

Use Cases:

  • Create and sell online courses with ease
  • Manage instructors and course content efficiently
  • Generate course certificates and enforce compliance
  • Offer discounts with the coupon generator
  • Customize course websites and manage blogs effectively

🎁 Available Offer:

  • CourseNave Lifetime Deal for $49: Includes 5 Course Categories, 10 Courses, 140 Modules, and more.
  • Standard Plan Lifetime License for $99: Includes 10 Course Categories, 30 Courses, 280 Modules, and additional features like Subdomain and Advertisement.
  • Professional Plan Lifetime License for $199: Includes 15 Course Categories, 120 Courses, 450 Modules, 2700 Lessons, and premium features like Custom Domain and QR Builder.