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Craft Inspector Lifetime Deal, | Get $30 OFF

Craft Inspector: Uncover hidden profit in Etsy. Increase shop success with our desktop software. Find profitable products, niches, and traffic sources. Get $30 OFF now.

Craft Inspector is an online tool that provides a range of features designed to help sellers on Etsy optimize their listings and increase their sales. With its keyword generator, sellers can easily identify the most effective keywords that drive traffic to their listings. The keyword generator offers real-time auto-suggest keywords, long tail keywords, and search volume data. This allows sellers to pinpoint the richest and juiciest keywords that will attract the right audience to their products.

Another major highlight of Craft Inspector is its product search functionality. Sellers can easily find the best-selling products on Etsy, allowing them to identify lucrative opportunities for their own businesses. The product search feature allows users to narrow down search results based on category, shop location, ship-to country, and price range. Additionally, users can spy on their competition by viewing advertisements in their search results. This can provide valuable insights into which products are selling well.

Craft Inspector also offers a shop search feature, which enables sellers to identify top-performing shops within their niche. Users can search all shops on Etsy for a given keyword and obtain 12 data points for each shop. This includes rank position, shop name, shop owner, shop times, sections, hearts, shop sales, shop reviews, shop members, shop location, shop title, and shop links. This information allows sellers to replicate successful tactics and drive traffic to their own stores.

Furthermore, Craft Inspector provides a shop analyzer tool that allows users to extract all the product data for any given Etsy shop in just minutes. Sellers can uncover top-performing shop sections, analyze the percentage of tags used in sections or selected products, and improve Etsy SEO by identifying duplicate tags. The tool also helps sellers optimize their listings by showing which listings are not using enough tags and highlighting profitable keyword combinations in product titles.

For a limited time, Craft Inspector is offering a special deal. By using the code SALE30, users can get $30 off the regular price. With this discount, users can get the Craft Inspector lifetime deal for $37. This includes features such as the keyword generator tool, product search tool, shop search tool, shop analyzer tool, product tag analyzer tool, product title analyzer tool, commercial license, outsource license, 10 computer installs, PC and Mac versions, video instructional training, 30-day refund policy, 24/7 customer support, and extra bonuses.

Craft Inspector is the ultimate tool for Etsy sellers who want to optimize their listings and increase their sales. With its range of features and valuable insights, it is a must-have tool for anyone looking to succeed in the competitive world of online selling. Don't miss out on this special offer and take your Etsy business to the next level with Craft Inspector.