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Creatus AI: GenAI Creator Studio | Lifetime Access

AI powered tool, GenAI Creator Studio, offers lifetime access with video creator, image editor, text generator, and AI Language Model.

GenAI Creator Studio is a powerful tool that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline content creation. With features like social media automation, AI-powered image editing, and AI text generation, this platform simplifies the process of creating engaging content for various platforms.

Major Highlights:

  • Social media automation
  • AI-powered management platform
  • AI-powered image editor (like Canva)
  • AI Language Model (like GPT-4) with web access
  • AI Image Generation (Stable Difusion XL)
  • AI Text Generation for posts, tweets, threads, captions, hooks, scripts, outlines, and more...

Upcoming Features:

  • AI Voice Generation
  • AI Music Generation
  • AI Video Generation
  • AI Avatars Generation
  • AI-powered video editor

How to Earn Credits:

  • Signup Bonus: 300 credits
  • Daily login: 15 credits
  • Create and share a new post: 10 credits
  • Weekly Activity Bonus: 25 credits for creating at least 5 posts in a week
  • Referral Bonus: 100 credits for each referred friend who signs up
  • Complete Onboarding Survey: 100 credits
  • Connect Additional Social Media: 50 credits for each connected social media account
  • Share Creatus on social media: 35 credits per share
  • Watch and like Creatus video: 60 credits
  • Participate in Community Challenges/Contests: Variable credits

Use Cases:

  • Streamline social media management
  • Enhance content creation with AI-powered tools
  • Increase engagement with personalized content
  • Save time on creating posts, tweets, and captions
  • Boost productivity with automated features

🎁 Get the Creatus AI: GenAI Creator Studio lifetime deal for $49 with features like social media automation, text generation, and creative editor usage. Use coupon code for a bonus of 500 credits, making it a total of 800 credits to enhance your content creation experience.