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Automate trend discovery with Lifetime Deal. Use AI to find trends related to any topic instantly. Boost your content strategy now! is a powerful tool that serves as a superior alternative to Google Trends, allowing users to save time and conduct research more efficiently. By utilizing AI technology, is able to quickly research any given topic, providing users with relevant related topics, search volume, CPC, and competition data. Additionally, all searches are saved for future reference, making it easy to revisit previous research.

Major Highlights:

  • Uses AI technology for rapid research
  • Provides relevant related topics
  • Offers search volume, CPC, and competition data
  • Saves all searches for future review
  • Features a trends database with over 6000 trends
  • Includes a community of researchers and entrepreneurs
  • Offers direct support on research projects
  • Company is known for ethical practices

Use Cases:

  • Conduct market research for a new product
  • Analyze trending topics for content creation
  • Track keywords for SEO optimization
  • Stay informed about industry trends
  • Collaborate with other researchers and entrepreneurs

Deal Pricing and Included Features:
🎁 Get the lifetime deal for $149 with:

  • Trend search
  • 15 searches per month
  • Community access
  • Chat support
  • Medium support priority

🎁 Get the lifetime deal for $249 with everything above plus:

  • 50 searches per month
  • Trends database access
  • Keyword tracking
  • Track 1,000 keywords
  • Training session
  • High support priority

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