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Data Guardian Lifetime Deal,

Keep your logins, passwords, and sensitive data secure with Data Guardian Lifetime Deal. 448-bit Strong Blowfish Encryption for ultimate protection.

Data Guardian is an online tool that offers a wide range of features to help you manage and secure your data effectively. With the ability to create unlimited records, collections, and fields, Data Guardian allows you to organize your information in a way that suits your needs.

Major Highlights:

  • Limitless: Create unlimited records, collections, & fields!
  • Photo-ready: Insert pictures into records
  • Phone integration: Dial phone numbers directly from records
  • Import: Import virtually any flat-text file & map it to custom fields
  • Export: Export your database to a flat-text file for use in other programs
  • Synchronization: Sync databases together to merge & update
  • Quick browser: Access Data Guardian from within any application
  • Security: Up to 448-bit Blowfish encryption
  • Log: Record application activity to a log
  • Privacy: Auto-clear clipboard or quit the app after a specified interval
  • Password generator: Dynamically generate passwords based on a user-specified algorithm
  • Auto-save: Databases can auto-save so that changes are never lost
  • Printing: Print sheets of record information in a variety of formats
  • Bulk edit: Apply changes to a selection of records at the same time
  • Cross-platform: Interchangeable database format between the Mac & PC version

Use Cases:

  • Securely store and manage sensitive information such as passwords and personal data
  • Organize and track important contacts and phone numbers
  • Easily import and export data to collaborate with others or use in different programs
  • Generate and manage complex passwords for enhanced security
  • Print and share record information in various formats for easy reference

Available offer: Data Guardian is available for a deal price of $29.95, with no discount or coupon code currently available. The deal includes all the features mentioned above, providing a comprehensive solution for data management and security.