Lifetime Deals

DebugTool Lifetime Deal,

Simplify project management with DebugTool's lifetime deal. Streamline communication across multiple channels for a stress-free experience.

Debugtool is a comprehensive online tool designed to streamline project management and enhance team collaboration. With features like task delegation, agile development, and instant progress overview, Debugtool simplifies project planning and execution. It supports various roles, team management, and offers advanced statistics to help companies grow.

Major Highlights:

  • Plan projects with milestones
  • Agile development and project management
  • Task delegation and team management
  • Visual debugging and automated mailing
  • Support for software engineering and website development
  • Instant progress overview and team load insight
  • Communication with team members and clients
  • WordPress plugin with one-click installation
  • Drag and drop interface with color coded stickers
  • Mobile-friendly and secure platform

Use Cases:

  • Streamlining project planning and execution
  • Enhancing team collaboration and communication
  • Visual debugging directly on the website
  • Logging tasks and hours spent for accurate tracking
  • Managing big projects efficiently with the project management center

🎁 With a $59 lifetime plan, users can enjoy benefits like speeding up project delivery flow, logging all tasks and hours spent, and accessing a masterclass for advanced training. Additionally, the plan includes a free WordPress plugin for seamless integration and visual debugging features for enhanced project management.