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DesignTNT Massive Library & 630 Premium Illustrations worth $8,228

Get access to 630 premium illustrations in the DesignTNT Massive Library, a $8,228 value for just $59! Save time and money on high-quality design assets.

Are you looking for a comprehensive design resource to supercharge your creative projects? Look no further than the Ultimate Design Library Bundle, which offers a treasure trove of assets at an unbeatable price. With over 630 vector illustrations, 233 vector sets, 101 web and print resource packs, 109 Photoshop and Illustrator addons, 69 high-resolution texture packs, 67 brushes sets, and 10 premium tutorials, this bundle is a must-have for designers of all levels.

Major Highlights:

  • Over 630 vector illustrations worth $2,520
  • 233 vector sets worth $2,290
  • 101 web & print resources packs worth $1,070
  • 109 Photoshop & Illustrator addons worth $1,036
  • 69 high-resolution texture packs worth $729
  • 67 brushes sets worth $486
  • 10 premium tutorials worth $97

Use Cases:

  • Enhance your design projects with a wide variety of vector illustrations and sets
  • Access a plethora of web and print resource packs for your digital and print projects
  • Utilize Photoshop and Illustrator addons to elevate your design workflow
  • Add high-resolution texture packs to give your designs a unique touch
  • Experiment with different brushes sets to create stunning digital artwork
  • Learn new techniques and skills with premium tutorials

Available offer: The Ultimate Design Library Bundle is available for a limited time at a discounted price of $99, down from the original price of $500. Don't miss out on this incredible deal to unlock a treasure trove of design assets for your creative projects.