Lifetime Deals

Desklog Lifetime Deal,

Track working hours, manage tasks, and boost productivity with Desklog Lifetime Deal. Automated time tracker for real-time clock in/out.

Desklog is an innovative online tool that offers automated time tracking features to help users work with greater focus and maximize productivity in order to accomplish their goals. One of the major highlights of Desklog is the Project Time Tracking feature, which allows users to accurately and efficiently track the amount of time allocated to each project while keeping track of its progress and current status. This feature empowers users to gain a complete understanding of their project management workflow, enabling them to optimize productivity and achieve desired outcomes.

Other key highlights of Desklog include:

  • Comprehensive view of project expenses for informed decision-making
  • Effective project completion through progress tracking and improvement identification
  • Real-time timesheets for overview of workspace and team management
  • Billing and invoicing system for accurate payment strategies and financial health tracking

Desklog offers a variety of lifetime deals:

  • For $33, users can get the Desklog lifetime deal for 8 users with features like automated time tracking, project/task time tracking, billing & invoicing, and more.
  • For $66, users can upgrade to Tier-2 with everything included in the previous deal for 16 users.
  • For $99, users can opt for Tier-3 with features for 25 users, including all the functionalities mentioned above.

Desklog is a versatile tool that caters to the needs of individuals and organizations looking to enhance their productivity and project management efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Desklog is a valuable asset for anyone striving to achieve their goals effectively.