Lifetime Deals

DeskRoll Remote Desktop Pro: 2-Year Subscription

Effortlessly access your computer from anywhere with DeskRoll Remote Desktop Pro. No plugins or apps needed, just an HTML5-compliant browser.

DeskRoll is a reliable and secure online tool trusted by over 20,000 IT professionals worldwide. It offers affordable pricing, easy configuration, and a secure connection for remote desktop access.

Major Highlights:

  • Cross-platform remote desktop access
    • Do remote support with any OS, including mobiles
    • Provide remote assistance to PC & Mac users
    • Reach your computers securely from any location
  • Web-based: no admin rights required
    • Work in your browser without client installation
    • Get easy secure remote access from any place & device
    • Easily retrieve files from your home computer
  • Full-featured remote assistance access
  • Reliable remote connection
    • Works through firewalls, proxies, & NAT
    • Access remote desktops regardless of network infrastructure
    • No need for VPN or proxy, no need to open additional ports
  • Secure remote desktop management
  • Unlimited computers & clients
  • Detailed statistics
    • Download session statistics to calculate team's work hours
    • Easily manage clients & computers
  • Enhanced security with 256-bit data encryption on a secured SSL data channel

Use Cases:

  • Remote support for IT professionals
  • Providing remote assistance to PC & Mac users
  • Securely accessing computers from any location
  • Retrieving files from home computer
  • Managing remote desktops and clients efficiently

🎁 Get the DeskRoll lifetime deal for $99.99 with features such as deployment and connectivity, contact management, trial, licensing, customization, in-session functions, unlimited devices, 2 years of access, and included updates.