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DGLegacy Digital Inheritance Lifetime Deal,

Safeguard your assets with DGLegacy's Digital Inheritance Lifetime Deal - a secure document and password manager for passing on to loved ones.

DGLegacy Gold Plan is an online tool that offers a comprehensive solution for managing and distributing your assets to beneficiaries in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The tool ensures that your loved ones are informed and supported throughout the process.

Major Highlights:

  • Unlimited number of assets can be cataloged
  • Unlimited number of beneficiaries can be assigned to assets
  • Email and phone verification of the user through the Heartbeat protocol
  • Email and phone notification of beneficiaries and trustees
  • Continuous validation of contact data of beneficiaries and trustees

Use Cases:

  • Easily catalog assets by uploading relevant documents
  • Designate beneficiaries and trustees by adding their basic contact information
  • Detect if something happens to you through the custom-engineered Heartbeat protocol
  • Inform your loved ones via email and phone notifications
  • Receive support from a law company to guide beneficiaries in claiming assigned assets

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