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Display Maestro Lifetime Deal,

Take full control of your displays with the Maestro Lifetime Deal! Access all resolutions and bit depths for your attached devices.

The online tool provides a comprehensive set of features for analyzing and managing display settings. Some of the major highlights of this tool include:

  • All resolutions: Display a list of all displays and resolutions.
  • Hidden resolutions: Toggle the list of unsafe resolutions.
  • ColorSync: Restore ColorSync settings.
  • Gamma: View the white, red, green, and blue gamma values as well as channels.
  • RGB points: View the red, green, and blue X,Y points.
  • Transformation: View display transformation values.
  • Manufacturer: View vendor codes and manufacture dates.
  • Capabilities: View display capabilities like backlist, mirroring, digital, stereo, OpenGL acceleration, HiDPI capable, and AirPlay.
  • Properties: View display properties including simulscan, television mode, samples per pixel, pan required, display size, interlaced, bytes per row, bits per sample, and more.

Use Cases:

  • Optimizing display settings for better visual experience
  • Troubleshooting display issues quickly and efficiently
  • Customizing display properties for specific needs
  • Analyzing display capabilities for compatibility with other devices

Available Offer:
Deal Price: $29.99
Included Features: Full access to all display analysis and management tools, regular updates and customer support.
Discount Code: DISPLAY29