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DivMagic Lifetime Deal, Web Element Conversion Tool

Effortlessly convert web elements into reusable components with DivMagic. Streamline your web development and design for maximum efficiency. Boost your productivity now!

A browser extension called DivMagic allows users to copy code from any website element with just one click. It offers several features and benefits for web developers and designers. Here are the major highlights of DivMagic:

  1. Effortlessly capture web elements: DivMagic enables users to capture web elements from any website and convert them into reusable web components. It supports various formats such as HTML, CSS, React, JSX, and Tailwind CSS.

  2. DivMagic Studio integration: With DivMagic Studio integration, users can view and update the components they copy. This feature saves time and enhances workflows for web developers and designers.

  3. Obtain HTML/CSS code: DivMagic empowers users to easily obtain the HTML/CSS code of any specific web element across different websites.

  4. Copy and capture code: With a simple click, users can copy and capture the precise code associated with their target element. This simplifies the process of replicating and reusing web designs.

  5. Convert standard CSS into Tailwind CSS: DivMagic offers a unique feature that allows users to convert standard CSS into Tailwind CSS. This provides the ultimate flexibility in coding.

  6. Convert components into JSX: DivMagic takes web development to the next level by enabling users to convert any component into JSX, even if the source website doesn't use React.

  7. DevTools integration: With DevTools integration, users can access DivMagic's power directly from their browser's development tools. This streamlines the process of transforming web elements into reusable components within the developer console.

Use Cases:

  • Web designers can use DivMagic to quickly capture and reuse web elements from different websites, saving time and effort in designing.

  • Web developers can leverage DivMagic to convert components into JSX and enhance their coding flexibility.

  • Anyone who wants to replicate specific web designs can use DivMagic to easily obtain the HTML/CSS code of target elements.

DivMagic offers a lifetime deal for $49, which includes the following features:

  • Compatibility with Google Chrome and all Chromium-based browsers like Brave and Edge.
  • Use on an unlimited number of devices.
  • Compatibility with Firefox.
  • All future Lifetime Access Plan updates.

To avail the deal, simply visit the DivMagic website and follow the instructions to purchase the lifetime deal for $49.