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Droptrim Lifetime Deal, 📊 Website Analytics Software

Track and analyze your website visitors with Droptrim's powerful website analytics software. Gain insights on traffic, detect VPNs and proxies, blacklist IPs, and more. Unlock the potential of your website today.

Droptrim is an online tool that helps website owners optimize their website performance and enhance user experience. With Droptrim, you can track website errors, collect feedback, and analyze visitor behavior to improve conversions. Let's explore the major highlights and use cases of this powerful tool.

Major Highlights:

  • 1 Website: Droptrim allows you to optimize and monitor the performance of one website.
  • 300K Page views per month, per website: This generous limit ensures that you can handle high traffic volumes without any issues.
  • B2B website visitor-based leads: Identify and capture leads from your website visitors, specifically targeting the B2B audience.
  • Unlimited Companies per month: With Droptrim, you can track and analyze the behavior of an unlimited number of companies visiting your website.
  • Autoblock Threats and Website Error Tracking: Protect your website from threats and track any errors that may occur.
  • VPN/Proxy visitors detection: Identify visitors using VPNs or proxies to ensure accurate tracking and analysis.
  • Visitors Events Tracking + Collect feedback: Track visitor actions on your website and collect valuable feedback to understand user preferences.
  • Sessions Replays + Team members: Replay user sessions to analyze user behavior and collaborate with team members to improve website performance.
  • Websites Heatmaps + Conversion Tracking: Visualize user interactions through heatmaps and track conversions to optimize your website.
  • Form Analytics + Weekly Email reports: Gain insights into form submissions and receive weekly email reports summarizing your website performance.

Use Cases:

  • E-commerce websites can leverage Droptrim to analyze visitor behavior, optimize conversions, and enhance the overall shopping experience.
  • B2B companies can use Droptrim to identify and capture leads from their website visitors, enabling targeted marketing and sales efforts.
  • Content creators and bloggers can analyze user engagement, track content performance, and gather feedback to improve their website content strategy.
  • SaaS companies can optimize user onboarding, track feature usage, and improve user retention through Droptrim's analytics and feedback collection capabilities.

Available Offer:
The Droptrim lifetime deal is available for $69 and includes the following features:

  • 1 Website
  • 300K Page views per month, per website
  • B2B website visitor-based leads
  • Unlimited Companies per month
  • Autoblock Threats and Website Error Tracking
  • VPN/Proxy visitors detection
  • Visitors Events Tracking + Collect feedback
  • Sessions Replays + Team members
  • Websites Heatmaps + Conversion Tracking
  • Form Analytics + Weekly Email reports

By purchasing additional codes, you can unlock more benefits:

  • 2 codes = 3 websites
  • 3 codes = 5 websites
  • 4 codes = 7 websites
  • 5 codes = 11 websites

To avail this deal, use the provided coupon code. Don't miss the opportunity to optimize your website performance and enhance user experience with Droptrim.