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Duplicator Annual Deal, ⚡ WordPress Migration & Backup Plugin

Easily migrate, copy, move, or clone your WordPress site with Duplicator Annual Deal. Plus, enjoy simple backup utility features.

Duplicator is a powerful online tool that allows users to seamlessly migrate, clone, and backup WordPress sites without any downtime. With its versatile backup options and preconfigured site creation feature, Duplicator simplifies the process of site management for users of all levels of expertise.

Major Highlights:

  • Seamless Migration: Transfer sites between domains or hosts without interruptions.
  • Versatile Backup: Duplicate live sites to staging areas effortlessly.
  • Preconfigured Sites: Create pre-bundled sites for quick reuse.
  • Zero Downtime Migration: Move, migrate, or clone WordPress sites without any downtime.
  • Flexible Backup Options: Backup entire sites or specific parts effortlessly.
  • Efficient Workflow: Bundle entire sites for distribution or reuse.

Use Cases:

  • Easily move WordPress sites between different domains or hosting providers.
  • Backup live sites to staging areas for testing and development purposes.
  • Create preconfigured sites with specific themes and plugins for quick deployment.
  • Efficiently distribute bundled sites to clients or colleagues for reuse.
  • Duplicate specific parts of a site for customization or troubleshooting purposes.

Deal Pricing and Features:

  • Basic Plan: $49.50 per year for up to 2 sites, unlimited backups, and premium features.
  • Plus Plan: $99.50 per year for up to 5 sites, hourly scheduling, and additional migration tools.
  • Pro Plan: $199.50 per year for up to 20 sites, advanced permissions, and media-only backups.
  • Elite Plan: $299.50 per year for up to 100 sites with all the features of the Pro Plan.