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Eariously Lifetime Deal,

Eariously Lifetime Deal: Transform any text into captivating audio for video voiceovers, tutorials, and beyond. Create professional, engaging content effortlessly. Boost click-through rates now!

Eariously is a powerful text-to-audio online editor that provides a user-friendly experience for converting text to speech. With its AI voice over generator, users can quickly and easily generate high-quality voiceovers. The tool offers a wide range of realistic voices in multiple languages and accents, allowing users to customize their voice output using various speech modification tools. Eariously also offers the option to define custom pronunciations for specific words.

One of the major highlights of Eariously is its extensive library of over 400 realistic sounding voices, including both standard and premium options. Users can choose from these voices to create unique and engaging audio content. In addition, Eariously provides organizational features such as projects, teams, and workspaces (coming soon), allowing users to stay organized and collaborate effectively.

Here's how Eariously works:

  1. Upload a text document, provide a blog RSS feed, or any website URL.
  2. Select a preferred voice and configure basic settings.
  3. Modify the text or pronunciations using the SSML editor.
  4. Click publish, and within a few minutes, Eariously will generate an audio file.

Now, let's explore the available deals and pricing options for Eariously:

  • The Eariously lifetime deal is available for $79 and includes features such as 10,000 words, 1 blog to podcast conversion, 1 user/team member, 1 workspace, 10GB storage, premium and standard voices, auto-convert blog to podcast, podcast intro/outro bumpers, podcast analytics, projects for organization, file library (convert any text to audio), SSML editor, custom pronunciation library, and audio file downloads.

  • For $169, you can get the lifetime license Tier-2, which includes everything above plus 30,000 words, 2 blog to podcasts, 1 user/team member, 1 workspace, and 30GB storage.

  • The lifetime license Tier-3 is available for $349 and includes 100,000 words, 2 blog to podcasts, 3 users/team members (coming soon), 3 workspaces (coming soon), and 100GB storage.

  • If you choose the lifetime license Tier-4 for $599, you'll get 300,000 words, 3 blog to podcasts, 5 users/team members (coming soon), 5 workspaces (coming soon), and 250GB storage.

  • Finally, for $1499, you can get the lifetime license Tier-5, which includes 1,000,000 words, 10 blog podcasts, 20 users/team members (coming soon), 20 workspaces (coming soon), and 1TB storage.

With its easy-to-use interface, realistic voices, and customizable features, Eariously is an excellent tool for converting text to audio and creating engaging content. Don't miss out on the available offers and choose the pricing tier that suits your needs.