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EaseUS VoiceWave Lifetime Deal,

Capture, edit, and enhance audio recordings effortlessly with EaseUS VoiceWave. A user-friendly tool with advanced features for seamless audio editing.

EaseUS VoiceWave is a versatile tool that allows users to change their voice in real-time, offering a range of features to enhance audio creativity. With a voice mixer, users can blend multiple vocal tracks, adjust the balance between vocals and backing music, and apply processing effects. The tool also includes a soundboard for manipulating audio clips, a text-to-speech function, and an AI voice generator for creating custom voices.

Major Highlights:

  • Voice mixer for blending vocal tracks
  • Soundboard for manipulating audio clips
  • Text-to-speech feature for converting written words to audio
  • AI voice generator for creating custom voices
  • Real-time voice-changing effects
  • Custom voices for popular platforms like Discord and Zoom
  • Background noise reduction for online and offline audio
  • Support for 100+ voice effects
  • Record, modify, and export voice to MP3 files
  • Cover popular sound effects like a girl and Ghostface

Use Cases:

  • Create custom voices for online gaming
  • Enhance voice recordings for podcasts or videos
  • Add fun voice effects to online calls or meetings
  • Reduce background noise in audio recordings
  • Experiment with different vocal effects for creative projects

🎁 Get the EaseUS VoiceWave lifetime deal for $19.99, which includes updates and features like 18+ sound types, 100+ voice effects, and support for 200+ online games and 50+ messaging apps. New features include the ability to change voice for video and audio files, record and export voice to MP3, and reduce background noise for audio.