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EazyRAG Lifetime Deal,

Reduce customer support requests by 10X and enhance onboarding with EazyRAG, a ChatGPT-powered Cmd + K tool that seamlessly integrates with existing ChatBot UI.

ChatGPT-Powered EazyRAG is a cutting-edge tool that revolutionizes customer support and onboarding processes through the power of AI. By automating customer support with AI-generated answers and enhanced document navigation, EazyRAG streamlines the user experience and boosts efficiency. With its easy-to-use UI and seamless integration with existing ChatBot platforms, EazyRAG is a game-changer in the realm of customer service.

Major Highlights:

  • Cut customer support requests in half with AI answers
  • Enhanced Document Navigation with Semantic Search
  • Add data source in seconds with our easy-to-use UI
  • Our widget will smoothly integrate into your existing chatbot UI

Use Cases:

  • Automate customer support processes
  • Improve document navigation for users
  • Easily add data sources for enhanced functionality
  • Seamlessly integrate EazyRAG widget into existing ChatBot platforms

Available Offers:

  • EazyRAG lifetime deal for $59 includes 50 webpages, 1000 Generative AI answers, 2000 Relevant chunks retrieval, 20 files < 2MB, 2 collections
  • EazyRAG lifetime deal for $99 includes everything above plus 200 webpages, 2500 Generative AI answers, 10000 Relevant chunks retrieval, 50 files < 2MB, 10 collections
  • EazyRAG lifetime deal for $199 includes everything above plus 500 webpages, 10000 Generative AI answers, 20000 Relevant chunks retrieval, 100 files < 2MB, 50 collections, and the removal of EazyRAG branding.