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Elemailer Lifetime Deal, | Get 30% OFF

Get 30% OFF Elemailer - the innovative Drag & Drop Email Builder with Elementor for WordPress. Easily create WooCommerce emails, newsletters, and more.

Grow your business with easy to use drag & drop email builder in WordPress. Great sites send great emails.

Major Highlights:

  • Drag & Drop Interface for Email: Elemailer brings you drag and drop page builder Elementor for creating email templates. It’s super easy to use and marketer & noob friendly.
  • Email Template for Elementor Forms: With Elemailer Lite you can replace your Elementor pro’s form widget’s default email templates. No more nasty looking templates for your form fillers.
  • Multiple sets of widgets: Elemailer has multiple sets of widgets for your email template to be designed easily with Elementor.
  • 3 Form Email Templates: Elemailer lite gives you the ability to create 3 email templates to be used throughout your site’s form widgets.
  • Works with any SMTP: It doesn’t matter if you use SMTP or not. As long as your WordPress can send email, Elemailer will work.
  • Contact form 7 email design: Design contact form 7 email and email 2 for free with drag and drop interface. No more HTML code wiring. Supports all cf7 shortcodes.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is now easier with Elemailer and WordPress for the marketer. It has all the features needed for a marketer to get started.
  • Get subscribers: Elemailer has a module to store your subscribers on your WordPress site. Use Elementor form and get them. In short, it’s an alternative to Mailchimp.
  • Send Welcome Email: You can set and send welcome emails to your users on the site with Elemailer. Nobody hates a hot welcome email now, do they?
  • Schedule Marketing Emails: Schedule your marketing email, newsletter, and more and forget about it. Elemailer will send that to your users.

Use Cases:

  • List Segmentation: Create multiple lists, edit and send emails according to the list.
  • Double Opt-in: Double opt-in system on the go! Even with bulk email imports.
  • Email Tracking & Statistics: Know what’s going on with your email, who opens it and how many times. Everything is visible inside your Elemailer Dashboard. Email Analysis made Simple.
  • Let users un-subscribe: Emails that have an un-subscriber link attached to the email are considered good emails. Elemailer has got your back in that too.
  • Use with Mailpoet: Love mailpoet plugin but don’t find their email builder intuitive? They got you covered. You can keep using mailpoet for their email service and use the plugin for building the template and use in mailpoet.
  • Dynamic Widgets: With Elemailer you will get a set of dynamic widgets to help you build a proper email that will reflect changes in your site content (Posts).
  • Import your subscriber lists: Import your email from other platforms with CSV easily in Elemailer. You can choose a list and send welcome/double-opt-in email when the list is inserted. The export option is a feature request.
  • Using with wp_mail( ) system: With Elemailer, you can override almost any email that is sent out from your WordPress site using the wp_mail override method of Elemailer.
  • WooCommerce Booking Email Templates: Design WooCommerce booking plugin email templates with Elementor. Send great emails to your guests!
  • WooCommerce Email Templates: Design native WooCommerce emails with Elemailer. A new order, confirmation, admin, customer, and many more.
  • WooCommerce Email Conditions: Create multiple different email templates and assign them for different products with taxonomy or product itself.
  • HTML widget: Use any custom HTML with our HTML widget inside your email template. Add anything you like.
  • Integration - Piotnet Addons For Elementor (PAFE): Create Email templates for your PAFE forms in seconds with Elemailer. Both normal and multi-step forms are supported.
  • Integration - Contact Form by WPForms: Design email templates for WPForms, which is one of the popular contact form plugins on Collect Leads as well.
  • Integration - Ninja Forms: Create an Email Template for your Ninja forms, Collect Leads, and add them in Elemailer.
  • Any contact form Integration: You can use Elemailer email template without native integration support with our Revolutionary wp_mail override method with almost ANY form plugin.
  • Export HTML template: Create emails with Elementor & then export HTML to be used on external platforms.
  • Background Controls, Test email, Custom CSS: Elemailer gives you control over how your background should look, default margin/padding, etc. You can also send test emails on the fly. You can also add any custom CSS you prefer.
  • Ready-made Email templates: 10+ Ready-to-use Pro email templates. Every month they are adding new pro templates to the library for your use.

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  • Send unlimited emails
  • Capture Unlimited subscribers
  • Send automatic email notifications for your blog posts
  • Best for personal use

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