Elite Learning Lifetime Deal ✦ Transform Your Team and Business with Upskilling

Unlock your team's potential with Elite Learning, the AI-powered skill management platform. Streamline upskilling, define career paths, and reward learners.

🎁With $79 lifetime plan, you will get :

  • The Magic Learning Box with 20M+ Articles, 15M+ Videos, 856,000+ Courses, 150,000+ Podcasts

  • Personalized learning: Skills mapped for every user as per their job roles

  • 1000+ Skill Paths with over 10 million curated content by global subject experts

  • Twenty million plus Influencer Content for over 1200 skills

  • Evaluation and Validation tests for each skill to map gaps

  • Detailed analytics for all users. Create a team, and assign managers and admins

  • Certificates and rewards

  • Add and share your content internally to bring social learning

  • Forty minutes of product onboarding and training sessions for teams

Deal Price:
1900-03-19 0:00:00