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ethos Lifetime Deal, 🎯 Strengthen Your Brand Identity with Ease

Craft compelling brand guidelines effortlessly with Ethos Lifetime Deal. Streamline brand identity, store assets, ensure compliance, and collaborate seamlessly.

Ethos is a powerful online tool designed to help brand professionals strengthen their brand identity and increase brand visibility. By creating an organized online Brand Guideline, Ethos becomes the single source of all brand content, ensuring consistency across marketing and sales channels.

Major Highlights:

  • Create Stunning Brand Guidelines with beautifully designed templates
  • Launch Interactive Brand Guidelines as an interactive website
  • Deploy Your Brand Voice and Image Correctly
  • Centralize Asset Management with digital asset management capabilities
  • Monitor Compliance and Control Access to brand assets
  • Adapt Your Brand for Different Markets while maintaining core identity
  • Support and Scalability for companies of all sizes

Use Cases:

  • Ensure consistent branding across all marketing channels
  • Facilitate collaboration among remote teams and external partners
  • Reach a wider audience with localized brand materials
  • Control access to brand assets and documents for security and privacy
  • Create and maintain brand guidelines for different regions and markets

Available Offers:

  • Ethos lifetime deal for $29 includes 5 brand guidelines, 5 users, standard support, unlimited brand asset uploads, and more.
  • Ethos Premium plan for $58 offers additional features like custom templates, enhanced security permissions, and logo white label.
  • Ethos Agency plan for $87 includes 100 brand guidelines, 200 users, priority email support, and custom domain whitelisting.
  • Ethos Enterprise plan for $116 provides unlimited brand guidelines, unlimited users, and a 20 MB file brand asset limit.