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Exemplary AI Lifetime Deal,

Get lifetime access to Exemplary AI, a powerful transcription and content creation tool that converts audio/video to text and generates engaging content effortlessly.

Generate summaries, video reels, transcripts, captions, translations & more with simple prompts using the All-in-One Content Creation Tool for Video & Audio. This tool allows you to transcribe your media and create clips, stories, and audiograms easily. Clips enable you to select the most important parts of your transcript and turn them into shareable video snippets. Stories help you stitch together multiple clips into a compelling narrative, engaging your audience. Audiograms enhance your audio clips with dynamic wave animations, making them more attractive and engaging.

Major Highlights:

  • Chat with the AI to get insights or generate an AI report for creating any type of content.
  • Interact with the AI Chat to get instant insights on main points, feedback, sentiment, and more.
  • Request the AI Writer to create blog posts, newsletters, summaries, and other content.
  • Unlimited AI Chat, prompts, and transcript export.
  • Create instant short clips and audiograms for social media.
  • Translate into 90+ languages.
  • Automatic transcription and translation.
  • Story and highlight reel creation.
  • AI-generated content reports.
  • Unlimited reviewers for viewing only.

Use Cases:

  • Generate engaging video snippets for social media.
  • Create compelling stories and narratives from your media.
  • Enhance audio clips with dynamic animations.
  • Translate content into multiple languages for global reach.
  • Get instant insights and feedback on your content.

Available Offer:

  • Exemplary AI lifetime deal for $49 includes features like 1 team member, 200 transcription minutes per month, unlimited AI Chat, prompts, and transcript export.
  • Upgrade to the $98 deal for 3 team members and 500 transcription minutes per month.
  • The $147 deal includes 6 team members and 800 transcription minutes per month.
  • Get the $196 deal with 10 team members and 1,200 transcription minutes per month.