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Feedbeo Lifetime Deal,

Enhance engagement in all meetings with Feedbeo. This tool is perfect for in-person, hybrid, and remote meetings. Grab the lifetime deal now!

Feedbeo is a versatile online tool that allows you to interact with your team at scale, ask for real-time feedback on business updates, get team mates buy-in, and extract the best ideas. With Feedbeo, you can run real-time polls with live results, and enable team members to submit and upvote their questions for leadership Q&A sessions.

Major Highlights:

  • Interact with your team at scale
  • Ask for real-time feedback on business updates
  • Get team mates buy-in and extract the best ideas
  • Run real-time polls with live results
  • Enable team members to submit and upvote questions for leadership Q&A

Feedbeo is perfect for a variety of use cases, including presentations, lectures, all-hands meetings, town halls, department or team meetings, events, conferences, education, and trainings. It offers a simple user interface with beautiful design and no frictions. The tool provides various question types such as Q&A voting, live polls, word clouds, rating scales, and stars.

Use Cases:

  • Presentations or lectures
  • All-hands meetings or town halls
  • Department or team meetings
  • Events and conferences
  • Education and trainings

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