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Filter Plus Lifetime Deal, 🔍 WordPress and WooCommerce Filtering Plugin

Supercharge your WordPress and WooCommerce site with Filter Plus Lifetime Deal! Easily filter products by categories, ratings, tags, price range, and more.

Are you looking to enhance the browsing experience on your website and streamline product management? Look no further than Filter Plus, an online tool that offers advanced filtering capabilities and SEO optimization to boost visibility and sales.

Major Highlights:

  • Advanced Filtering Capabilities: Customize filtering parameters like categories, tags, and price range.
  • Streamlined Browsing and Management: Easily filter products by tags, categories, and attributes.
  • SEO Optimization: Enjoy SEO-optimized URLs and advanced SEO options.
  • Effortless Order Management: Simplify WooCommerce order management by filtering orders based on specific products or status.


  • Increase sales by simplifying product discovery through filtering.
  • Ideal for categorizing articles, posts, or resources on content-rich websites.
  • Enhance user engagement by organizing content based on membership level or topic.
  • Boost productivity and sales optimization with exclusive features for online stores.

Use Cases:

  • Improve user experience by offering advanced filtering options.
  • Increase website visibility with SEO optimization.
  • Simplify product management and order processing.
  • Enhance customer engagement and boost sales.

Available Offers:

  • Filter Plus lifetime deal for $9 for 1 website.
  • Filter Plus Tier 2 lifetime deal for $29 for 10 websites.
  • Filter Plus Tier 3 lifetime deal for $49 for 50 websites.
  • Filter Plus Tier 4 lifetime deal for $99 for unlimited websites.