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Firmao CRM Lifetime Deal,

Effortlessly manage customer accounts with Firmao CRM Lifetime Deal. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Streamline your business operations today!

Firmao is a comprehensive business software company that offers a range of tools to streamline various aspects of your business operations. From CRM to invoicing, marketing to ERP, Firmao provides solutions to help you manage sales, projects, tasks, and more efficiently.

Major Highlights:

  • CRM system for managing sales opportunities from various sources
  • Timesheets, tasks, and project management tools
  • Invoicing software for easy billing and recurring payments
  • Marketing tools for lead generation and email campaigns
  • ERP solutions for production and warehouse management
  • Workflow automation for tasks, invoices, and documents

Use Cases:

  • Streamline sales processes and track conversions with the CRM system
  • Manage projects and track employee time with timesheets and task management tools
  • Easily issue invoices and automate debt collection with the invoicing software
  • Generate leads and run email campaigns with the marketing tools
  • Efficiently manage production and inventory with ERP solutions
  • Automate workflows and business processes for increased efficiency

Available Offers:

  • Firmao CRM lifetime deal for $1596 includes CRM, email integration, VAT invoices, timesheeting, reports, and more
  • Upgrade to the $2436 deal for additional features like custom fields, live chat, editable templates, VoIP integration, and OCR automation
  • The $4116 deal offers advanced functionalities such as Google Calendar integration, e-commerce platform integrations, ERP solutions, and data analysis capabilities

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