Lifetime Deals – AI Hiring Co-Pilot | Lifetime Access

Elevate your hiring process with, the AI hiring co-pilot. Gain lifetime access to advanced AI technology for improved hiring performance. is an AI hiring co-pilot that streamlines the hiring process by automating candidate search, simplifying candidate application, and providing intelligent candidate analysis. This tool generates professional job descriptions, crafts relevant pre-assessment questions, and evaluates candidates to match the best fit for the job. With a bulk resume upload feature, also accelerates internal search by empowering users to hire internal candidates efficiently. Additionally, data privacy and security are prioritized with two-factor authentication and state-of-the-art security measures.

Major Highlights:

  • Automate Candidate Search
  • Simple Candidate Application
  • Intelligent Candidate Analysis
  • Accelerated Internal Search
  • Data Privacy & Security

Use Cases:

  • Efficiently generate job descriptions and pre-assessment questions
  • Simplify the candidate application process
  • Streamline candidate evaluation and matching
  • Speed up internal candidate search
  • Ensure data privacy and security

🎁 Get the lifetime deal for $39.99, which includes 5 job posting credits valid for 12 months, access to all AI tools, free job posting to registered job boards, free posting to LinkedIn, unlimited candidate CV upload, 15 Talent Searches on Flipped candidate database, and 2 team members with note-taking capabilities.