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Flowlie Annual Deal, 💼 The Online Fundraising Hub

Accelerate fundraising with Flowlie Annual Deal - the ultimate Online Fundraising Hub for founders and investors. AI coaching, investor database, and more!

Flowlie is a powerful fundraising hub that offers a range of tools to streamline and optimize the fundraising process for startups. One of its key features is the AI Deck Analyzer (Beta), which allows users to test their pitch decks before sharing them with investors. The AI-powered reviewer provides slide-by-slide improvement suggestions to ensure that the content and design are optimized for maximum impact.

Another standout feature of Flowlie is the Fundraising Coaching (Beta) tool, which provides AI-generated coaching on company descriptions, elevator pitches, and more. This valuable insight empowers users to refine their fundraising approach and increase their chances of success.

The One-Pager Builder feature in Flowlie helps users accelerate decision-making by providing a standardized template for creating essential company details, round information, founder backgrounds, traction, product demos, and decks in a digestible format. This tool is essential for creating a compelling and informative one-pager to present to potential investors.

With the Personalized Investor Database feature, users can kickstart their fundraising efforts by accessing a curated database of investors. They can research compatible investors and use the AI auto-compose feature to craft perfect outreach messages. This tool helps users target the right investors and increase their chances of securing funding.

View Tracking is another valuable feature of Flowlie that allows users to stay informed about investor engagement. Users can track every view of their investment materials, pinpoint optimal follow-up times, and gain insights into investor preferences and behaviors.

Major Highlights:

  • AI Deck Analyzer for slide-by-slide improvement suggestions
  • Fundraising Coaching for AI-generated coaching on company descriptions
  • One-Pager Builder for standardized one-pager templates
  • Personalized Investor Database for curated investor research
  • View Tracking for monitoring investor engagement

Use Cases:

  • Test pitch decks before sharing with investors
  • Refine fundraising approach with AI-generated coaching
  • Create informative one-pagers for potential investors
  • Research compatible investors and craft perfect outreach messages
  • Monitor investor engagement and optimize follow-up strategies

🎁 Get the Flowlie annual deal for $360 per year with features such as unlimited view session & engaged investor tracking, unlimited investor profiles, full Investor Database with fit scoring, and fundraising consultation to plan your round & strategize outreach.